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Spanish Immersion 

 Our program is designed to make Spanish learning a fun and educational experience. We actively create a stimulating and encouraging environment where kids can feel comfortable expressing themselves in new ways. Two full days per week is typically the minimum for an effective language immersion experience. Teachers speak in the target language 90-100% of the time. If a child does not understand something, the teacher uses body language, visuals, exaggerated facial expressions, and expressive intonation to communicate their meaning. Additionally, teachers will use songs, key phrases, books and games to engage and draw the child into the language. In preschool, it is common for students to speak English with their peers and when responding to their teacher – especially if they are not familiar with the language. As the year progresses, students naturally use more of the immersion language with peers and teachers.


Meet the Founders

Carolina and Araceli we are two enterprising women who met in the field of early childhood education. We both know how important the first five years on a child life are, and for that reason we created our program with love to implement all our passion and experience to each child for their education and positive development. This is what motivated us to build our own educational spanish home daycare.








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